July 19, 2024

Funding Supermoney Secures $3.4 Million in Series A Funding Round


Supermoney Secures $3.4 Million to Expand SME Digital Lending


Supermoney, a Mumbai-based digital lending platform specializing in SME financing, has secured $3.4 million in its Series A funding round, led by Capital 2B and Capria Ventures. This investment follows an earlier $1 million funding from Unitus Ventures in February 2020, underscoring investor confidence in Supermoney’s business model and growth potential. Founded in 2018 by Nikhil Banerjee, Supermoney focuses on providing tailored working capital solutions to SMEs operating in diverse sectors such as electronics, pharmaceuticals, steel, auto parts, and automotive.

Series A Funding and Investor Confidence

The successful Series A funding round signifies a significant milestone for Supermoney, enabling it to bolster its operational capabilities and expand its reach within India’s SME ecosystem. Capital 2B and Capria Ventures’ involvement highlights their belief in Supermoney’s ability to innovate and address the financial needs of small and medium enterprises effectively. This funding infusion is expected to accelerate Supermoney’s growth trajectory and enhance its position in the competitive digital lending market.

Business Model and Market Focus

Supermoney operates as a digital platform that offers customized payment and finance solutions tailored specifically for SME supply chains. By integrating with major brands across multiple sectors, Supermoney has built a robust network encompassing 30,000 retailers and dealers, over 50 anchor partners, and more than 500 distributors. This strategic alignment allows Supermoney to provide seamless financial services, addressing cash flow challenges and supporting business growth across various industry segments.

Utilization of Funds and Strategic Objectives

Supermoney plans to utilize the newly acquired funds to enhance its technological infrastructure, scale operations, and expand its disbursement capabilities. According to Nikhil Banerjee, CEO of Supermoney, the investment will play a crucial role in ensuring SMEs have access to essential capital for their operational and growth requirements. By investing in technology and market expansion, Supermoney aims to strengthen its market position and deliver superior financial solutions to a broader SME clientele.

Industry Impact and Competitive Landscape

In the competitive landscape of digital lending, Supermoney stands out for its specialization in SME financing and supply chain finance. Unlike traditional lenders, Supermoney leverages digital innovation to streamline financial transactions and optimize working capital management for businesses. Competitors include both established financial institutions and emerging fintech startups, all seeking to capture market share by offering tailored financial products and services to SMEs.

Growth Metrics and Operational Reach

Supermoney’s operational footprint spans across 40 locations in India, covering key sectors critical to the country’s economic growth. The platform’s extensive integration of retailers, distributors, and anchor partners underscores its deep penetration within the SME market. By expanding its geographical presence and enhancing service offerings, Supermoney aims to deepen its impact on SME financing, supporting business expansion, and fostering economic development at a grassroots level.

Strategic Vision and Future Prospects

Looking ahead, Supermoney’s strategic vision includes further technological advancements, geographical expansion into new markets, and strengthening partnerships with industry leaders. The support from Capital 2B and Capria Ventures is expected to catalyze these initiatives, positioning Supermoney as a leader in digital lending for SMEs. By focusing on customer-centric solutions and operational excellence, Supermoney aims to sustain its growth momentum and enhance financial inclusion for underserved businesses.


Supermoney’s successful Series A funding round and strategic partnerships underscore its commitment to transforming SME financing in India. With a strong emphasis on digital innovation and customer-centric solutions, Supermoney is well-positioned to meet the evolving financial needs of SMEs across diverse industry sectors. As it continues to expand its footprint and enhance service offerings, Supermoney is poised to play a pivotal role in driving economic growth, fostering entrepreneurship, and promoting financial inclusion in India.

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