May 24, 2024

Laxmi Prasanna

Laxmi Prasanna is an ambitious and talented Inside Sales Executive at Infyleads, a leading marketing solutions company. She began her career at World Startup News as a Content Writer where she honed her communication abilities and business knowledge. Driven by a passion for technology and sales, Laxmi pursued a Bachelor's degree in Technology (B.Tech) to complement her writing skills with technical expertise. Shortly after graduating, she joined Infyleads in 2022 as an Inside Sales Executive. In her current role, Laxmi leverages her technology background and content development experience to connect with clients and drive business growth. She qualifies leads, creates customized data-driven sales presentations, and consults with clients to understand their unique needs. Within a short time, Laxmi has proven to be a valuable team member and established herself as a rising talent in inside sales. She has hit the ground running by smashing her monthly sales targets thanks to her tech-savviness, excellent communication skills and commitment to continuous self-improvement. Outside of work, Laxmi enjoys taking online courses on sales techniques and reading books on personal development. She also applies her writing to maintain a lifestyle blog. Laxmi aims to progress into sales management where she can mentor other professionals. With her multifaceted skill-set and passion for growth, Laxmi is definitely an employee to watch at Infyleads.