June 13, 2024

FinAGG Secures $11 Million in Series A Funding, with BlueOrchard and Tata Capital

From Humble Beginnings to Industry Disruptors: The Inspiring Journey of FinAGG Technologies
FinAGG Technologies has captured attention across India’s financial landscape, emerging as a fintech leader set to transform supply chain financing. This Noida-based startup was founded in 2020 by finance veterans Praveen Kumar, Srinivasan R, and Nipun Kohli, aiming to unlock new possibilities in lending for small and medium enterprises (SMEs).
In just over two years, FinAGG has achieved exponential growth, raising eyebrows in the startup ecosystem. Their meteoric rise has been fueled by innovation, technological integration, financial services expertise, and an unwavering commitment to inclusivity.
Strategic Solutions Aligned With Market Needs
FinAGG identified glaring gaps in financing options for distributors and retailers, many of whom struggled to access credit for smooth business operations. This negatively impacted retailers, distributors, and manufacturers across supply chains.
Armed with insider knowledge of existing challenges, the founding team developed tailored SME lending solutions like “Stock Now Pay Later” and invoice-based financing options. Their offerings provide easy access to credit lines or loans, allowing business owners to stock inventory without huge upfront investments.
Flexibility in repayment timelines helps align with seasonal fluctuations in the retail and distribution sectors. FinAGG’s customers also leverage better pricing and transparent terms rather than dealing with exploitative informal lenders.
Blending Fintech and Finance
What truly sets FinAGG apart is the integration of financial services domain expertise with cutting-edge technology. They have incorporated process automation, machine learning algorithms, and blockchain into their credit underwriting and monitoring mechanisms.
This sophisticated tech stack delivers rapid credit decisions, robust risk analysis, and hyper-efficient operations. It promises to reimagine supply chain financing—a sector that still relies on outdated manual processes.
Along with leveraging technology for scale and efficiency, FinAGG provides white-glove onboarding and support services to borrowers through dedicated assist teams. Their human-centered solutions bridge the gap between fintech innovations and personal touch.
Making Global Waves

In under three years, FinAGG has made waves across India’s financial services ecosystem:
● Disbursing over Rs. 5,230 crore to more than 85,000 SMEs
● Recording consistent month-on-month growth despite COVID-19 disruptions
● Facilitating loans for over 20% women-led enterprises
● Garnering the trust of reputed investors like BlueOrchard and Prime Venture Partners
● Positioning themselves for international expansion beyond Indian boundaries
Their impressive capital deployment, loan portfolio, and fundraising statistics underscore FinAGG’s increasing influence in driving financial inclusion. The startup is empowering underserved SMEs to grow, boosting entrepreneurship and commercial activity across India.
Gaining Global Investor Confidence
In its latest high-profile success, FinAGG Technologies raised $11 million in Series A funding in early 2023. The round was co-led by BlueOrchard, an impact investment manager, and Tata Capital, the financial arm of the Tata Group. SIDBI and Prime Venture Partners also participated.
This funding validates FinAGG’s capabilities in bringing together domain knowledge and cutting-edge technology for outsized impact in lending. The investors were convinced to support FinAGG’s global expansion plans along with investing in growth across India. Their technology products and prudent credit processes provide a strong foundation to scale into international markets.
Moreover, the company secured additional capital through non-convertible debentures from Gray Matter Capital—exemplifying investor confidence in the sizeable market opportunity and returns potential.
Fuel for Future Growth
Armed with fresh capital and investor endorsement, the leadership team has charted an ambitious roadmap for the years ahead. They are directing funds towards elevating their technological capabilities, expanding digital and offline presence, boosting brand awareness, and exploring cross-border opportunities.
Specifically, priorities include:
● Growing its suite of supply chain financing products like pay-later options
● Developing cutting-edge credit algorithms and predictive analytics
● Opening additional branch locations across India’s business hubs

● Implementing process automation and blockchain platforms
● Recruiting top-tier fintech talent across technology and product streams
By upholding responsible lending practices and sustainable growth, FinAGG aims to disburse over $3 billion in loans in the next 3 years.
Fulfilling Its Mission of Financial Inclusion
FinAGG represents the new wave of mission-driven fintechs using technology to drive meaningful social and financial impact. Its innovative credit solutions have already unlocked growth opportunities for over 85,000 small business owners across India.
And this is just the beginning. With ethical, inclusive business practices at its core, FinAGG Technologies has the potential to bank the unbanked at scale—bringing access to formal credit channels for underserved communities across urban and rural regions.
As the startup continues to gain rapid traction, all eyes are on their journey from promising upstart to a fintech titan in one of the world’s largest retail and MSME markets. The possibilities for FinAGG’s future impact look stellar.

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