June 13, 2024

How DOBIEE grew exponentially after Shark Tank Funding

Assortment of DOBIEE candies in vibrant colors showcasing pineapple & coconut, strawberry & lemon, and more, embodying the brand's mission to revive childhood memories and expand globally."

"Discover the Sweet Journey of DOBIEE - Where Every Candy Tells a Story"

Introduction :
In the bustling lanes of Mumbai, a unique candy brand, DOBIEE, emerges as a beacon of nostalgia and innovation. Founded by the dynamic father-son duo, Arjun and Mukesh Dharamshi, DOBIEE isn’t just a brand; it’s a mission to rekindle the cherished memories of childhood sweets that often get lost in the whirlwind of modern life. Through an exquisite range of double-flavored candies and toy candies that surprise and delight, DOBIEE has become a symbol of joy and sweetness, transcending the ordinary candy experience.

DOBIEE: Sweetening Memories, One Candy at a Time
At the heart of DOBIEE’s philosophy is the desire to create more than just candies. It’s about crafting experiences that transport adults back to their cherished childhood moments and introduce kids to the pure joy of discovery. With flavors like pineapple & coconut, strawberry & lemon, and pink guava & green guava, DOBIEE offers a taste journey unlike any other, making each candy a bite of bliss.

A Journey of Growth and Sweet Aspirations
Since its inception in 2001, DOBIEE has grown from a humble dream into a household name, selling over nine lakh packets of candy and securing its presence in 50,000+ offline outlets across nine Indian states. This impressive expansion is not just a testament to the brand’s quality and appeal but also to the vision of the Dharamshi family, who see DOBIEE’s future not just in India but as a global candy sensation.

Shark Tank India: A Milestone Achievement
DOBIEE’s recent success on Shark Tank India, where it secured a deal that valued the company at 11.07 crores, is a significant milestone. This achievement is a testament to the brand’s potential for growth and innovation in the candy industry. With sales exceeding 4 crores and a distribution network that’s both extensive and resilient, DOBIEE is poised for even greater success.

The Sweet Taste of Innovation :
What sets DOBIEE apart is not just its unique flavor combinations but also its commitment to innovation. The toy candies, which come with surprises inside, are a hit among children, blending the joy of sweets with the excitement of discovery. This innovation is a crucial aspect of DOBIEE’s strategy to appeal to a broad audience, making every candy a delightful experience.

Global Aspirations: Beyond Borders
With the Indian candy market thriving and DOBIEE’s foundational success, the brand is eyeing global expansion. The ambition to take DOBIEE to international markets is fueled by the belief that the joy of candy transcends cultural and geographic boundaries. Backed by strategic planning and the support from Shark Tank India, DOBIEE is well on its way to becoming a global candy powerhouse.

The Secret Ingredient: Passion and Perseverance
Behind DOBIEE’s success is the unwavering passion and perseverance of its founders. The Dharamshi family’s dedication to their vision has been the driving force behind the brand’s growth. This journey from a local candy maker to a potential global player is a powerful narrative of hard work, dedication, and the sweet taste of success.

DOBIEE’s story is more than just a business success; it’s a tale of reviving memories, sweetening moments, and dreaming big. From the vibrant cityscape of Mumbai to the potential global expansion, DOBIEE represents the essence of innovation, nostalgia, and entrepreneurial spirit. As DOBIEE continues to spread sweetness across the globe, it reminds us that sometimes, the simplest pleasures, like a piece of candy, can hold the most profound meanings.

DOBIEE’s evolution from a local favorite to a brand with international ambitions showcases the power of innovation, the importance of nostalgia, and the endless possibilities that come with a clear vision and persistent effort.

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