June 13, 2024

Two Cybersecurity Veterans Team Up to Stop a $170 Billion Advertising Fraud Problem: The ClearTrust Story

Founders of ClearTrust, united in their quest against digital ad fraud, stand back to back in a show of solidarity and strength amidst a swirl of cybersecurity symbols, showcasing their dedication to protecting the digital world with innovative ad verification solutions and a commitment to integrity and trust in the online advertising industry.

United Front in Cybersecurity: The Visionaries Behind ClearTrust

Introduction: Pioneering the Fight Against Digital Ad Fraud

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, two cybersecurity veterans, Deepankar Biswas and Raja TN, have taken a stand against the colossal $170 billion advertising fraud problem.

Their journey, from the early days at Wipro to launching ClearTrust, a cutting-edge ad verification and fraud prevention platform, is not just a business success story. It is a beacon of innovation and resilience in the cybersecurity and ad tech industries.

The Founders’ Journey: Two Decades of Cybersecurity Expertise

Deepankar Biswas and Raja TN’s story began over two decades ago at Wipro, where their collaboration on cybersecurity projects laid the foundation for a lifelong partnership.

Deepankar’s rise to leading global cybersecurity initiatives and Raja’s experience in building fraud detection systems at top ad tech firms equipped them with unique insights into the world of digital advertising fraud.

ClearTrust’s Mission: Revolutionizing Ad Verification and Fraud Prevention

ClearTrust emerged as a response to the rampant digital ad fraud draining billions from marketing budgets. With a mission to provide robust, AI-powered ad verification and fraud prevention solutions, ClearTrust has become a critical ally for advertisers and publishers in the digital era.

Innovations in Ad Tracking and Fraud Detection

ClearTrust’s platform, with its sophisticated traffic scanning and precise tracking technologies, has been pivotal in offering robust solutions to combat ad fraud.

Their multi-channel anomaly detectors and contextual filters have saved clients over 30% in ad costs, proving the platform’s efficacy and importance.

Global Expansion and the Ideaspring Partnership

The recent $1.9 million in funding from Ideaspring Capital is a testament to ClearTrust’s potential. This influx of resources will fuel their expansion into North America and enhance their AI models to tackle more advanced advertising frauds.

ClearTrust’s Impact and Growth: A Story of Tripling Success

Since its inception, ClearTrust has shown exponential growth, tripling its annual rate over two years. This remarkable growth narrative is a strong indicator of their impact and the necessity of their services in the market.

Future Aspirations: Setting Sights on $10 Million Annual Revenue

With ambitious goals, including hitting a $10 million annual revenue by 2027, ClearTrust is not just about securing funds. It symbolizes the power of innovation and the importance of resilience in the face of challenges.

Conclusion: ClearTrust’s Inspirational Journey

From a fledgling startup to a key player in the digital advertising sector, ClearTrust’s journey is an inspiration for budding entrepreneurs.

It highlights the potential of Indian startups on a global scale and the significance of adaptability and innovation in today’s rapidly changing digital world.

What is ClearTrust’s primary mission? ClearTrust’s mission is to provide robust, AI-powered solutions for ad verification and fraud prevention, addressing the widespread issue of digital ad fraud.

How has ClearTrust impacted the digital advertising industry? ClearTrust has significantly impacted the industry by saving clients over 30% in ad costs through its advanced tracking and fraud detection technologies.

What are the future goals of ClearTrust? ClearTrust aims to expand its global reach, particularly into North America, and targets achieving a yearly revenue of $10 million by 2027.

How does ClearTrust’s technology work? ClearTrust uses deep learning and AI to power its ad verification platform, featuring traffic scanning, precise tracking, and multi-channel anomaly detection.

What was the role of Ideaspring Capital in ClearTrust’s journey? Ideaspring Capital led the recent funding round of $1.9 million, enabling ClearTrust to expand its operations and enhance its technological capabilities.

How do Deepankar Biswas and Raja TN’s backgrounds contribute to ClearTrust’s success? Their extensive experience in cybersecurity and ad tech has equipped them with the necessary skills and insights to tackle the challenges of digital ad fraud effectively.

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